Become a Neighborhood Expert

Learn The Easiest Way to Make Life Changing Money as a Real Estate Agent

Realtors® have been around for a little over a century and today the real estate market is hotter than ever. To join in the gold rush, low commission brokers with untrained agents are popping up everyday. 

But buyers and sellers of real estate, are becoming very sophisticated. With free information tools like Zillow®  and Redfin® , they getting very selective about who they want to work with.  

To be a successful agent today, you have to bring an extra edge to the deal. 

You would only want the highest qualified surgeon to work on you, right? The same way, buyers and sellers are looking for an expert to work with. It's understandable. 

You are dealing with one of their biggest investments in their life. They can’t afford to take a chance on a newbie or a part time agent. 

They want a professional.

Whether they say it or not, they all want an expert:

 someone who knows the area

is trust worthy

knows the market

knows other agents and works wells with them

understands the business

has a list of buyers if they are a seller

has a list of sellers if they are a buyer

who is famous in their neighborhood

who can get the job done.

Like in any other business, if you are a specialist, you'll have no shortage of clients.

By becoming a Neighborhood Expert you become a specialist. Buyers and sellers become magnetically attracted to you...

...and want to work only with you. 

Now that would translate to some serious profits!


A System to Help Your Business Stand Out From the Competition

As a real estate agent, you know that the competition is stiff. You’re constantly struggling to stand out in a sea of options that is growing bigger every day. With the Neighborhood Expert Program, you’ll be able to dominate your market area…all within 90 days!

A Revolutionary Way to Identify Your Market So You Have The Highest Odds of Success

You have set a financial goal for yourself but how do you actually reach that goal? This program shows you how to quickly Identify the fastest moving neighborhoods that give you the highest odds of success...neighborhoods and condo complexes that are hyperactive and being completely overlooked by your competition! It shows you how to reach your financial goals with the fewest number of transactions! Less work with BIGGER checks! Say good bye to wasteful marketing and spamming everyone in your contact database for business.


An Incredibly Insightful Way to Define Your Message for Your Market So Your Clients Know That You Are Their BEST choice

Once you have defined your target market, I will show you show to write the most compelling message and what to include in that message. You will learn how to join the conversation that’s already going on in their mind. This will position you as an advisor that understands their needs instead of another salesperson trying to get their business. 

A Treasure Chest of Winning Marketing Templates, Tips & Tactics.

You’ll learn all about the most effective and closely guarded marketing tactics used by the best agents and investors around. Even if you have the best message, the wrong choice of media will land your message on “deaf ears”. You will learn how to find out where your customers are hanging out and how to reach them. Plus, you’ll get the ultimate resource in our “Media Checklist” with 28 media choices and templates. Fill in the blanks and start your campaign.  Don’t have a marketing budget? Don’t worry I’ve got you covered. Make sure to use this as your guide before you spend another dollar on marketing!

The Neighborhood Expert


The secrets shared in The Neighborhood Expert Program will show you how to dominate any market area of your choice.

This program works, even if you have:

just joined the industry as a new agent

recently moved to a new area

no database of clients who trust you

no local family and friends who will give you a chance

very limited money for marketing


 Learn the secret of "The Neighborhood Expert" and how this simple concept can transform an average agent into an area authority with a flood of buyers and sellers all within 90 days...

 Conduct neighborhood research like a pro with my Neighborhood and Condo Ranking Worksheets (hint: this is an essential part of achieving your financial goals in the shortest amount of time)...

 Cherry pick only the highest turnover neighborhoods and most active condo complexes...

 Leverage the in-depth case studies that are provided to identify the fastest moving neighborhoods and condo complexes in any area.  The research is broken down neighborhood by neighborhood, condo complex by condo complex and ranked by the number of transactions and potential commissions...

✔ Download the “Client Persona Worksheet” and learn how to create an in-depth psychological client persona. (Hint: Once you complete this exercise, you will be attracting "ready for business" prospects…not looky-loos...)

✔ Identify your prospect’s core buying and selling needs. Share market information that positions you as the authority and triggers their desire to do business with you…

✔ Download our “Media Checklist” so you can “steal” the best secrets from years of tested, proven sales promotions and apply them to your marketing…

✔ Effectively target and reach only the prospects that are ready to do business today...

✔ Discover how to reach the ideal prospects even if you have little or no money for marketing...

 Master the top 4 success factors that make up the most successful area specialists...



I am so confident you'll love The System that I am willing to extend you this 14 day money-back guarantee. 

If you are not completely satisfied with the training program and the marketing techniques shared, just send us an email and we will gladly refund your money.

No hassles and no hard feelings. We won’t “blacklist” you or send a hit man to your home.


Get the competitive edge. 

Don’t be the agent who took the test, got their license and struggled with the business. Be the one who discovered the easy way to building a massive income.

Invest in The Neighborhood Expert System. 

Define a target market and use the included ready to go marketing materials for your business.

Are You Ready For A Life With More Wealth And Prosperity? Then don’t put off registering or another agent may end up with your territory!


Scott Tayeb

PS - There is NO comparison to this training in the industry today. You are among the first, select few to receive this offer. Am I claiming too much? I don't think so.  Sign up risk free and find out for yourself. 

About Your Instructor

Advisor Suhail Y Tayeb

Suhail Y Tayeb is a real estate investment strategy advisor, consultant, and operating partner. He holds a Sloan Master's degree in Leadership and Strategy from London Business School and a Bachelor's degree in Electrical/Computer Engineering and Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin at Madison.

His real estate investing experience, combined with advanced training in property valuation, gives him a unique perspective on market conditions and asset values. This distinction has allowed him to create exceptional corporate and individual training programs, as he can explain topics from multiple points of view.

Suhail explains complex topics with stunning simplicity, shortening the learning curve for new and seasoned investors. His insights compress the time it takes to experience exponential financial growth and minimize investment risk. He consults on various topics, including sustainable real estate investing, valuation, affordable housing, and strategic acquisitions and divestments.